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Diabetes Care & UPREHS Benefits

Sep 24, 2018 2:59:11 PM / by Tamara Castellano

Type 2 Diabetes is a serious disease and is a growing health crisis in the U.S.  But in most cases, Type 2 Diabetes is preventable—or reversible.  By taking simple, common sense steps, you can manage your disease and prevent more serious complications.

Schedule regular visits with your physician.

If you have Type 2 Diabetes, you should make sure you have a primary care physician and schedule appointments to see your physician at least twice a year.  Your physician will help monitor your glucose levels, A1C and overall health.

Meet with a Diabetes Educator.

What is a Diabetic Educator, you ask?  This is a health care professional who has expertise—and a certification—in the treatment and management of diabetes.  An educator will work with you to develop strategies to help keep your diabetes in check.  They will work with you on things like nutrition, medication, exercise plans and more. An educator will help ensure your diabetes doesn’t progress to the point that you are at risk for complications like kidney disease, vision loss or nerve damage.

HINT:  UPREHS offers newly diagnosed diabetics with 10 hours of coverage with a Diabetic Educator and three hours every year thereafter. You can find an educator via the provider link on the UPREHS website (www.uphealth.com).

See an eye care professional every year

Diabetes can lead to serious eye problems like diabetic retinopathy, cataracts or glaucoma.  If you have diabetes, you should have an annual eye exam to prevent damage to your eyes.

HINT:  UPREHS covers one eye exam per year for diabetics.

See a Podiatrist every year.

For those with diabetes, foot conditions account for more hospitalizations than any other complication.  Some common foot complications can include ulcers, neuropathy (nerve damage) and peripheral artery disease (poor circulation).  Foot conditions can be extremely serious when you have diabetes and can lead to amputation—so they should not be overlooked.

HINT:  UPREHS covers one foot exam per year for diabetics.

Limit / manage your stress.

There is not getting around stress in our daily lives, but it is especially important to manage if you have a chronic condition like diabetes.  Make sure to have ways to manage your stress and get plenty of rest.

Consume alcohol responsibly.

Alcohol can cause high or low blood sugar, depending on if you’re also having food. Make sure you drink responsible and include alcohol in your daily calorie count.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Diet and exercise have a direct impact on Type 2 Diabetes, so it’s important to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.  Find ways to make exercise and healthy eating a part of your lifestyle—use your break at work to go for a walk, join a gym that is on your way home.

HINT:  UPREHS covers weight loss management with a nutritionist, physicians, etc. for diabetics.

The most important thing you can do to manage your diabetes is to take your condition seriously and be vigilant in managing your overall health and wellness.

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Tamara Castellano

Written by Tamara Castellano

Tamara is the marketing communications guru for UP Health.

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