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A new way to order prescriptions

Aug 24, 2018 9:02:13 AM / by Tamara Castellano

As of Monday, August 27, 2018, UPREHS members should start ordering prescriptions and refills directly on the Depot Drug website, www.depotdrug.com.  Here is some important information about this pharmacy ordering change.

What login do I use for the Depot Drug website?

If you have logged into the UPREHS website in the past (www.uphealth.com), you should use the same username and password for the Depot Drug website. 

What if I don’t have a log in?

If you have not set up an account for either UPREHS or Depot Drug, you’ll need to create one.  You can create an account on either website; the new log in will work for both.  Make sure to have your insurance card with you.

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What will I be able to do on the Depot Drug website?

You will be able to order refills, check the status of a refill, see your prescription history for Depot Drug and update your shipping address and payment information.  You can also print your prescription history for anything you have ordered through Depot Drug.

What if I forget to use the Depot Drug website and I log into UPREHS?

You can still log into the UPREHS website.  However, when you click on the Depot Drug links, you will be redirected to the Depot Drug website.

What prescriptions should I fill at Depot Drug?

If you take a maintenance prescription—meaning something you take all the time, like medication for high blood pressure—you should use Depot Drug (Depot Drug does not ship to certain states).  One time prescriptions, like an antibiotic, can be filled at an in-network retail pharmacy.  PLEASE NOTE: Depot Drug does not fill prescriptions for narcotics.  Those prescriptions must be filled at an in-network retail pharmacy.

What if I can’t log into the Depot Drug website?

If you are having technical difficulties with the website, please contact Depot Drug Customer Service at 800.331.6353.  They are available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., MST.

Can I still order refills via phone?

Yes.  If you have been ordering your prescription refills via phone and would like to continue to do so, please call 800.331.6353.

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Tamara Castellano

Written by Tamara Castellano

Tamara is the marketing communications guru for UP Health.

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